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Praise for Rollercoaster:

"Americana/indie artists like Brandi Carlile and Katie Toupin exude sincerity in each lyric and captivate wholly, Foote shows she has that and then some." - The Deli Magazine

“Lindsay Foote’s mature weight of levity is textured and kind. Her vocals deliver with empathy, but with the relevant angles in understanding and gumption.” - comeherefloyd

“[‘Ready’] has as much mainstream appeal as it will for the purest of the form.”- American Songwriter

Rollercoaster, Lindsay Foote's 2020 EP, is a poignant exploration of the transitive time that Foote experienced throughout her twenties-- a time full of hope and possibilities, but also fear and disappointments. A time of searching, and maybe not knowing what you’re searching for.

“I’ve felt so unmoored over the past few years of my life. I feel like so many things are still up in the air-- relationships, jobs, where to live, and just how I want to live my life in general! All that possibility is exciting, but it’s also scary. Part of me yearns to feel settled. This album is about the hope, doubt, fear, and disappointment that we experience in these times of searching, these times of figuring things out. Sometimes it feels like the only constant is myself.”


Produced by multi-instrumentalist and producer, Joel Schwartz, the EP’s six tracks explore the ups and downs she experienced during this unsettled time of her life. The EP is chalk-full of Foote’s signature honest lyrical style-- and it’s clear she’s not afraid to be vulnerable in her writing. And while songs like “That Won’t Do Me Any Good” and “Don’t Go Changing On Me” recall the folk influence of her previous releases, Foote’s experimentation with Schwartz is evident in the ethereal soundscapes and diverse instrumentation that define her new direction. The album finishes with “Resting Place”-- an achingly beautiful tribute to the people in life that provide support through the highs, lows and in betweens-- the people who are a resting place when you need one. This song is a reminder of the solace that loved ones can provide in times of tumult, and a hopeful and affirming end to this EP.

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