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"In the end, Lindsay Foote's performance at Club Passim was nothing short of magical. With her evocative storytelling, angelic vocals, and undeniable talent, she proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the singer-songwriter scene." -Following Backstage, read more here

"Americana/indie artists like Brandi Carlile and Katie Toupin exude sincerity in each lyric and captivate wholly, Foote shows she has that and then some."-The Deli


​“[‘Ready’] has as much mainstream appeal as it will for the purest of the form.”- American Songwriter, read more here


" was an intimate experience. It was as though a group of ringers had showed up to a kitchen jam and won over the skeptics. In 2-part harmony, the voices of Lindsay and Chris just WORK together."-CHSR- 97.9 FM, read more here 

"Forever this Way" featured on The Young and The Restless

Press and Awards

• "Forever This Way" featured on The Young and the Restless CBS

• 2nd Place winner in the 2021 Songwriter Serenade Competition

• 2019 Banff Centre Singer-Songwriter Residency 

• 2017 Finalist in the Songwriter Serenade Competition

• 2017 and 2018 Finalist in Canadian Songwriting Competition

• 2018 Grant Recipient from Ontario Arts Council and Factor Canada

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